Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tourney at Radisson tonight

Tonight at the Europa Casino at the Radisson in San Jose is a $100 buy in with no rebuy No Limit Tournament. I have been doing well in these tournaments and anticipate the prize pool to be $5,000-$6,000. I won a tournament there Tuesday night and turned 15,000 colones($30) into 390,000 colones($780). Hopefully tonight both my brother, Glenn, and I will both make the money. I have been prepairing by reading Dan Harringtons Book on No Limit Holdem Tournaments and would highly recomend it. Glenn has the second book as well but I have only flipped through it. The books are very detailed in hand situation and general strategy. I will let you all know how we did in the next few days when I post again.


Well I wasn't positive I was the only guest but as I sit here at the only one of twelve tables with a table cloth on it I am pretty sure I am the only guest here. Now San Jose during the rainy season seem like a guaranteed beautiful day until early afternoon around 2:00-3:00. The owner here told me that they had two straight days of rain. Costa Rica is a small country but has I believe 52 different micro climates. So knowing the exact weather in each area is tough. For example during the heart of rainy season in San Jose which is September and October the weather in the Caribean is the best of the year according to the owner of Bungalow Malu, my wifes and I favorite place to stay in Cahuita just 15Km or so north od Perto Viejo. So if your looking for a nice fall get away I would definetly recommend that as one of your stops. It is maybe 50 meters from high tide and has the coolest stone and wood combo bungalows and they are working on a house that sleeps 8+ for those big family trips. A room that slept four cost us $70 per night incluing tax. There are also some great little restaurants our favorite being Cha Cha Cha. Playa negro in front of the bungalows is pratically deserted and you will see one of the locals on a bike guiding eight or so horses to what I pressume is work(horse rentals I believe) and home in the late afternoon. Quiet a sight to see actually it really fascinated me.
For today the plan is to head back to San Jose maybe via Nosara. I learned last night there may possibly be a high road I missed so maybe I will check it out. Last night a party for six came into the restaurant while I was at the bar. They were raving about seeing the lava flow from Arenal Volcano, my ass it flowed. I said “What time did it start flowing?” The response ÄT about 10:00” Damn here I am a guy that goes to bed between 4:00AM and 6:00AM most mornings and I can't stay up for this. Muy tonto(very silly) oh well I don't think it is going anywhere I will be back with the family.

Final table situation....was it a mistake?

I am playing in a no limit unlimited rebuy tourney at my local casino. It pays 10 spots there are 8 of us left. I am 2nd chip leader with Approx. $4,200 in chips and am in the cut off spot. Blinds are 200/400 with a $50 ante so each round is costing $1,000. Everyone folds to me I look down at AQos and raise to $1,600. Button folds and the small blind thinks a minute or so and moves all in. He is chip leader with about $5,600 of the $34,000 chips in play. Big blind has only $500 but folds. If I call and go out I receive $300. My buy-in and rebuys added up to $350. Next spot up pays $500. I play with this player regularly and am fully aware that he could have any pair or have me dominated with AK. He is also quite capable (even likely) to move in here with a weak ace. I feel the chances are 50/50 that I am ahead. If I win this pot and the $9,200 in chips I feel I will win the tourney which is a $3,400 payoff. I think and call he has AKs. No help and I am out kicking myself. Hw else could I have played it. Raise less preflop maybe to $800 or $1,200? Fold to the reraise? There is $6,600 in the pot and I have to call $2,600 so I am getting 2.46:1 on my money. I am open to any advise and analysis. Steve