Monday, June 19, 2006

Pizza in the Jungle....and it's good

Just back from dinner at El Sueno Tropical and yes Steve the owner confirmed it is The Tropical Dream. Steve the former publisher of Slash Magazine an old time puck rock publication and his wife, ugh 5 Flor De Canas and Coke under my belt and can't remember her name. Mikishoo or something like that, it's Japanese, what's going on here I am in the middle of a Third World Country and I am meeting people from Norway, China, Korea, Sweden, Panama, Nicaragua, England, just to mention a few. How many dam languages do I need to learn? Well since most of them speak Spanish and English i better work at improving my English and what the hell maybe my Spanish too.
Well the pizza was thin crust mi amor, Jae would have loved it. They even have anchovies here. Honey when are you coming home? I can't believe how much I miss you and my angels. I can't wait to see you. Well all i think “mi cama es llamando” or my bed is calling. Pura Vida and hello from the jungle.