Friday, August 04, 2006

Safety: Escazu vs. Phoenix

I often hear complaints about the safety of Costa Rica. I moved here from Chandler AZ which is a suburb of Phoenix. I have only had some tools robbed from me here and that was do to the stupidity of someone else. Basically I had a house I was renting rooms out in and also played poker there. I decided not to continue doing so and my partner unknown to me fired the woman who was staying at the house. I had some tools stolen and he had 3 TVs and a few other things taken. If I knew there was no one in the house with guys there renting the rooms I would have had all my stuff out and throw the guys out. Oh well lesson learned but that is my closes call with danger here.

I wonder if my AZ friends still think it is more dangerous in this 3rd world country?


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