Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Long trip almost over...the return of the girls

Those of you that know me probably know my wife and kids go back to New York every year for a month in the summer. It usually works out to be the month of July. The restaurants in Phoenix are in there low season and easy for Jae to take time off. Plus her family celebrates Christmas in July where everyone can get together and celebrate which is hard to do Christmas time. They do it at my inlaws lake house at Hatch Lake near Morrisville NY. They live on top of a rolling hill with a view of the lake. They have two farms around them both with beautiful horses, one of those horses kicked LT last year so he was definitely not looking to go back there.

The usual month long trip turned into a 3 month trip do to a convention at Disney World for my inlaws business. A month away from the family is a long time but three months have been way too long. That wont be happening again. Today is the day they return and there is a lot of work to do. I have had a live in maid here since they left, no we haven't hit it rich a live in maid cost me $200 per month, but she had to go back to Nicaragua for two weeks do to family issues. This weekend we closed the B&B/poker room and the place was a mess. Now my house is a mess and I should be cleaning instead of typing but I think this might be my last chance for a week or so and I haven't posted in a while.

Poker has been running bad and I have decided not to play no limit anymore accept for tournaments. That means I have to concentrate on internet poker. It has been a tough switch back to the limit game but I am positive so far since I started back at it so that's a good sign. Right now my brother and I have been swithing off at a half hor a time do to having no router to set up two PCs. Jae is bringing one back today. Electronis are 1/3 to 1/2 as much more down here do to tarrifs.

I belong to a Yahoo Group called CostaRicaLiving. It helps adjusting to this new country and way of life. Things can be hard to find and there is no address system here so guidance from a knowledgeable person is also needed. CRL is also a good place to make friends. Jae and I have made some friends off there as well as the girls. On this group we have had recent discussions about ethics and bribing local cops. I asked how much the fine was for a particular offense and asked if 5,000 colones($10) payment on the spot would cover it and man did I get a load of shit for that. I tell you it is just common practice down here. I wrote when in Rome.....OOPS hit some nerves with that comment and ridiculed beyond belief but I got thick skin and gave it right back. You all know how much I like to back down....lol....actually in the post where I asked about bribing the cop I originally asked to know what the actual law was because it didn't sound like the original poster was 100% sure. Sure enough no one knew what it was and the only responses I got was ridicule. I found the law posted it and yes the guy was only partially correct and it would not apply to me. I basically gave my critics the good old "**** YOU" but did it in my usual good spirit....OK maybe it is not usual but I did with a wink. Can they see a wink on line....I need to use though damn icons. OK back to cleaning.

Pura Vida



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