Thursday, August 03, 2006

First day of school

Today is the start of a new chapetr here in Escazu. Miranda and Delaney are going to school. Today is a visit to the Itskazu School which is about 500 meters down the road from our house. The school is totally in spanish except for the english class. So there is atleast one course they should pass. The school year runs from end of Feb through mid December so they basically have four months to learn spanish before the start of the next school year.

We were told to arrive there at 7:30 this morning. We arrived about 7:20 and went to the front office where the girl only speaks spanish. Now the area we lie in has more expats and I believe more english speaking Ticos then any where else in Costa Rica. As the girl was asking me a question I am thinking she is asking me what group of children the girls are suppose to spend the day with and I am night quite sure if I understand. She gets up from her desk and goes out in front of the office to talk to a group of kids hanging out waiting for school to start. Two kids come in and start asking me the questions in english and we get the girls settled and I am out of there. This is one of the reasons I liked the school is because though it is all in spanish i was pretty sure there would be a group of kids that speak some english atleast. These two their english was perfect.

The school is very small and covers 1st through 11th grade. I am not sure of the total students but it is less than 100 for sure. The arts a heavily stressed and it is quite informal. The uniforms is jeans and a logo polo shirt from the school. Usually schools here have the typical blue and white uniforms. The arts and creative thinking are stressed heavily. While the girls were back in the states I looked at many schools and this one definitely seemed to be a little different. It also runs a full day schedule from 7:30-4:00. This is not how the public schools run. They run two sessions a day and I am not sure what those hours are.

Miranda has turned into quite a young woman over the summer and here she is at dating age and I have to ponder what to do about these charming young Ticos. Then my brother reminded me about Sir Charles:

When my daughter is old enough to date I plan on killing her first boyfriend and hoping the word gets out - Charles Barkley

There are not many 6'2"290# Ticos so hopefully pure size will be a detering factor but I doubt it Miranda had really turned into a young beauty. Delaney also grew and matured a lot. I was figuring she would never grow but was I wrong.


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