Saturday, July 01, 2006

Tournament Melt Down

For those of you have not played poker tournaments with me I usually start with an aggressive style. This really matters on the tournament structure. But at the Europa Casino loose aggressive play suits me well. I probably see anywhere to 4-6 flops per round and hope to get paid off on a monster hand or two and build up some chips. Compare this to my tight aggressive style where I usually see 1-2 flops per rounds of cards. Well I did start of well and builts up some chips. I made it to the final table and with five players left I bluffed of almost all my chips when I moved all in on the turn picking up the nut flush draw to a guy who flopped a straight and slow played it. Oh well 5th paid $180 bt keep in mind 1st paid $1000. Tournament play really requires you to finish in the top 3 to be making good money.

Today we are off to the Horseshoe Casino to play in a free roll tournament. My prediction is 25 players will play with 1st place paying $3500 2nd $1750 and 3rd $900. Hopefully my brother and I will both finish in the top three. Till next time.

Pura Vida


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