Tuesday, July 11, 2006

No Electricity

Well last Monday I wake up with no power. So my maid calls up and says my bill is passed do. Suprise sometimes I don't even get a bill so I grab it and go down to pay and they tell me it is already paid. Now the place I pay my bills has people that only speak spanish working there so when they say I owe no money I am suspicious. I go directly to the power company ICE, a government controlled monopoly, and again in my broken spanish I find out that someone just paid the bill. WHAT? I know I am a nice guy but people paying two months of my electric bill is not possible. Off to my favorite watering hole, The Pub in Escazu, Caroline is a Gringa/Tica who is partners in the business and her spanish after 13 years here is awesome. She is married to Tavo a tico who walks in the door right after me. I explain the situation and Tavo says grab you beer we are going down to the ICE office. Well it checks out someone paid my bill and I will be reconected in 1 hour so after going back to The Pub I pick up my brother and head to the casino.

When we get home there is still no power so in the morning I realize I had my neighbors bill. Bills stay in the same name as the phone number stays with the house. So anyone that knows Mark the old owner of a bar El Che in Escazu knows my number as well. KInd of odd but you get use to it. SO I pay the bill and electricity is back on in a few hours. When ever I think something is screwed up here I say "bienvenidos" which is welcome in spanish. It is amazing how patient I have become since moving here. Maybe not by other peoples standards but by mine for sure.

Ok I am concentrating on tournaments because in August there is a week of tournaments with some big buy ins and I want to practice. I just keep getting busted early. Tournament #1 with 23d in big blind I flop A45os and have 2 other players all in on the flop. WOW I got the nuts and will triple up until the board pairs the 5 on the river and it is adios. Tournament #2 pocket 88, flop AA8 full house. Player 1 check me small bet next guy triples my bet next guy raises 3x the raise hmmmmm....ALL IN by me the guy is thinking so I know he has the Ace and must hit his kicker or get running pair or case Ace to beat me. You think I want a call? HELL YES. So I go into my ultimate Steve talking BS and he finally calls. If I win I have 15% of all chips in play and we are in the 2nd round. A sure finally table is missed when he shows A3 and a 3 hits the turn. Someone comented that I should have talked him into calling. Are you kidding me? I am a 4-1 leader can more than double up and coast to final table if it holds up. Put me in that spot all day long. Now last nights tournament #3 round 2 blinds $2/4 guy raises to $100 thats 25 times the big blinds I am out of here, wait I have AA both black "I call" everyone else folds. Flop is 945 2 diamonds. Raiser checks I bet $50 he moves all in I call faster than he can put his diamond draw chips in the pot. AQd river a diamond buenos noches. Oh well thats poker. Pura Vida all.


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