Wednesday, June 14, 2006

On to Jaco or is that Playa Nosara?

A night away from home and no fiesta leads to me getting up at 6:30AM. I decide to drive around Arenal and go to breakfast at The World Famous Toad Hall Gallery and Restaurant. Now even though this is say about 30Km it takes alittle over an hour to get there. This is due to a road that is somewhat paved and a stop at a scenic lookout with the most linda vista or in English beautiful view. Toad Hall opens at 8AM and are on the back side of the lake between in a small village of Union before you get to the town Of Arenal. Now I get there at about 8Am but they are not open for those of you here in Costa Rica you know all about Tico Time and yes they must be on it and I am on an early roll so there is no stopping me and I continue on to Arenal and stop at a little German Bakery for breakfast. I have a delicious cinnamon roll, juice, and cappuccino. I also get a baguette for my journey to Jaco. On the way to Jaco I stop in the town of Canas to fill up the tank so I look at the map an realise I am only a couple of hours away from Playa Nosara a beach where i recently contact a woman that is leasing or conidering leasing her B&B.
Jaco to the way side here comes Nosara. Nosara is out on the Nicoya Peninsula and I really don't know that much about it but hey let me check it out and drop in on this place. Well I head down to Playa Semara which is on the main road and a place where many rich Ticos have beach homes including the current president Oscar Arias. I figure I will chec it out before I head over the 30+Km north to Nosara. We it really didn't impress me much but it is the green season now and things are slow. Off to Nosara it is. About eight Km up the road I hit a small river with no bridge over it. I think Miguel will make it in Low 4WD but I am in the middle of the jungle no people or cars around and I decide to head back instead. Chicken shit. Oh well let me check out Semara better and I look at some places to stay but nothing impresses me. So I pick up my Lonely Planet guide and read about Playa Carillo. Carillo here I come. Now those of you who know Costa Rica knoe the Ticos are not big on signs so sometimes it is hard to tell where some towns end and where others begin and after a couple side road excursions I finally hit Playa Carillo which is one of the few beaches that does not allow camping. This ban had brought about some protest because the Ticos felt that this was away to only allow the rich to enjoy the white sands of Carillo. Carillo is a very nice beach so now a search for a place to stay brings me to signs for El Sueno Tropical, which I believe is “the tropical dream” but hey don't quote me on that. As I said it is Green Season and places are empty. Besides the weather being good in the states I have know idea why Green Season is slow. Today was spectacular and this place including breakfast and taxes, 13.9%, is only $60. It is in the middle of the jungle, 2 minutes from the beach, air conditioned, modern, nice bar, and pool. Oh I think beer prices are high 900 colones a beer. My beer of choice is Imperial which kicks any domestic American beers ass but at the high prices 900 colones= approx. $1.75 and that includes a 10% tip. Third world my ass I love it here. So on night in Carillo and tomorrow back to Santa Ana. Well I think it's Santa Ana. Escazu is east of my house, Santa Ana to the west. The restaurant 50 meters east of me lists its address as Santa Ana, so I am definitely in Santa Ana. My friend Petros an international banker from Greece who is developing town homes 1Km west of me has an address of Escazu. So lets just say I am in “Paradise”. I live in an area that is like spring year around. From Mid May to December it rains almost every afternoon starting around 2:00-3:00. The only thing I am missing right now is my family who are their one month yearly hiatus to New York to visit family and that has been stretched to three months due to a few circumstances. I really miss them. My brother will be here Thursday for an indefinite stay, possibly to adopt this great country as well.
Tomorrow it's back to Santa Ana I think. Who knows where tomorrow will tale me. For now I think I will head up to the bar. Tip back a few more cervezas and enjoy the tropical dreams. The only thing missing are my three senoritas. For though now as usual Pura Vida.


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