Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hiatus to Puerto Viejo?

I decided to take a couple day hiatus to Puerto Viejo a beach town on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. I felt this would give me sometime to reflect on our eight month journey in our new country. Just getting started is always the hard part for me. I just never know where to begin. I guess the beginning is the best place. There were quite a few things happening in my life that made me disgruntled with the way things were going. I always believed that if I made a lot of money me and my family would be happier. Truth be told that is only a formula for disappointment and an unsatisfied life, at least for me. I will say being able to experience what some consider the finer things in life I will say they are only things. This adventure in a new land and a new culture has been a great and sometimes trying experience, if I adopt Costa Rica as my new home for eternity or if it is just the spring board for future adventures only time will tell. I am going to make a commitment to keeping the progress on my progress in life and update this blog at least once a week. These blogs are a fantastic tool to stay in touch, express emotions, tell stories, and share experiences. If you have a blog I encourage you to link it to mine.
So why the move? Well the direction my life, my families life, our society in the USA, and the shift in our government were a total compilation of feelings and emotions that persuaded me to push my family into the move. My life had gone from some successes and some failures in the business would to lead me on a trip to Panama. I know Panama stirs up many different images for people, from third world to corrupt Norieaga. Panama city is a first class city in a third world country. The people were nice and the weather was hot. I stayed in the Marriot but toured through some of the poorer areas in the city and it was quiet humbling. It did spark my thoughts into living in Panama though. The business I was in had its successes and failures and I was able to do somethings some people only dream of. I will say I tried to always share the fun with my family and friends and I hope they recognize how important all of them are to me. None of them care if I have money or not and all have een supportive of our move. Maybe questioning it at times but I know that was always out of caring for us and I do thank you for that. I think Affluenza a book my brother lent me also affected our family and I recommend you click the link and buy it or better yet go to the library and check it out....that way it's free. This move has definitely knocked some of the affluenza out of me and my family. We have one old car, Miguel, a 1990 Mitsubishi Montero and one television. That is quite a change for us. Ah the next thing the US government....Who are all these people unhappy with George Bush? And why did you vote for him again...OK OK just giving a little shit here. But hey the more that's revealed, Patriot Act, wire taps, checking phone records, etc., etc. Where I am now I know no one is bothering with me and they seem to have a very thorough checks and balance system that is respected. When Bogle JHS in Chandler told me my daughter had to take abstinence training because it was mandated by our state government and Catholic Social Services(a non church affiliated group....oh my God how stupid do they think we are?) was going to teach it with a curriculm I found out later that had many enacurraties I was pretty hot. Separation of Church and State, has anyone heard of that? Ok well you get the idea I am one of many disgruntled ex pats now living in paradise.
I started this piece saying I was going to Puerto Viejo, once again I didn't make it there I decided on Jaco a closer beach town but ended up at Arenal Volcano. Go figure my AADD, adult attention deficit disorder but hey I can treat it or have fun with it. I choose have fun. I passed the turn for Jaco and said screw it, well those of you who know me know I said something else but I don't want to offend. This maybe my only attempt at Political Correctness on this blog. Speaking of Political Correctness it is hard to get use to certain customs here in Costa Rica. First off you always kiss a woman you know hello on the cheek not a hard thing to get use to but I usually only reserved that for good friends and family in the states. Getting the attention of a waitress or bartender thats female can be tough. Say “Senorita” or “Muchacha”loudly and I wonder if they understand Spanish but politely say “Mi amor” and they are right over helping you and seeing what you need. Back to Arenal I ended up staying on a finca that has five rooms, Lomas Real B&B right behind Volcan Look a disco in between La Fortuna and Arenal. Unfortunately there was no lava to be seen flowing from the volcano this night as of yet but it obviously flows quite a bit from the look of the charred side of the volcano. Now check in was fun because the woman spoke no English and after 8 months I speak enough Spanish to get by. Twenty dollars a night in a very simple clean room with a fan and hot water. It feels good to be alone sometimes it gives yu time to sort through your thoughts. Well until next report I end with the country phrase of Pura Vida, translation pure life but you have to be here a while to really appreciate the sentiment of the phrase.


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